Welcome – Introductory Editorial

Welcome to a whole new Newcastle Stats. For regular followers of Newcastle Stats you’ll of noticed some big changes around here; we’ve not only introduced a brand new Facebook page but also re-designed the website (although still partly work-in-progress) and removed all previous content. We’re hoping to introduce a more engaging and enjoyable experience for all you Newcastle United fanatics out there.

As Newcastle Stats continues to grow we’re adapting in accordance with what YOU – the viewer – wants, because ultimately without you Newcastle Stats would not exist. So please do pass on all feedback, you can explore the avenues through which to contact us here.

Anyway, enough of the small talk, what should you expect from the new website? In short – a more professional, engaging experience looking at the statistical, financial and tactical aspects of Newcastle United Football Club that other blogs often neglect in search for bland sensationalist headlines with little genuine content. The website however will in no way be taking priority over our Twitter and Facebook content that you’ve grown to love – we like to think of newcastlestats.wordpress.com as an accessory, allowing us to analyse and deliver information to you in a way not possible through social media. We’re hoping to roll out our first post in 2/3 weeks, so keep your eyes open.

And finally, thank you for visiting the Newcastle Stats website, we hope you like what you’ve seen so far. Please feel free to comment and engage with us on any level – we truly do appreciate all your input.

And of course, as always – Howay The Lads!


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